Miranda Anderson is a Jesus following lesbian, a mentally ill poet, and a blind leftist. She enjoys: studying Biblical languages, reading about the inevitable zombie apokolypse, studying psychology and anatomy, and building lego fortresses–in which to survive the inevitable zombie apokolypse. She hates: filling out the about sections of blogs and dating websites.
This blog will consist mainly of her attempts at: translating/interpreting the Bible, writing for social justice, meeting God, destigmatizing mental illness, wrestling with God, writing poetry, and working out the aspects of her identity as a Christian lesbian. Maybe you wanna come along for the ride? If so, happy reading, and know that she is an aspiring ally and writer who loves and craves your criticism. Bible quotes will be taken from her own translations or attempts thereat, from the Amplified and New American Standard Bibles–translated by the Lockman Foundation, or from the Message by Navpress publishing group.
Remember, sticks and stones can break bones, but words have the power to kill people. This blog has a zero tolerance policy for racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, sexism, ablism, or oppression of any kind. Comments exhibiting the above will be removed. Miranda is working to abolish any manifestations of the above from within herself. Please feel welcome to call her out, should you notice any manner of oppressive ideology in her writing. Posts in which she is working through her own internalized religious homophobia will be preceded by a trigger warning.
And lastly, because words also have the power to give life, this blog and its author are supporters of BLM, trans equality, bi visibility, gay rights, disability rights, and any idea/organization which seeks to bring justice to people who are oppressed. All marginalized peoples are loved and celebrated here.


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