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When God’s Bloodstream Touches Our Spirit

TW: sex as a metaphorical means of talking about God’s relationship within the Godhead and with humans, slight but explicit profanity

God doesn’t give an F—. Ok.
Go ahead, fill in the blank.
What did you say?
Well, you were right.
Your words were terse and not polite,
But they were true.
God doesn’t give a fuck about you,
Or I or anybody if a reality check is what we’re doing,
Because God doesn’t mess around.

God is making love with God.
YAHWEH and Jesus and the Spirit are knowing One Another, Biblically.
And sex ed hasn’t prepared us for the anatomy and gender and preference They are sharing in the Godhead.
And the Word won’t just tell us about the love being shared in God’s bed. He has to show us.
And our bodies haven’t shown us what the orgasming among the Trinity feels like. we have to receive it,
By loving one another: by being the neighbor:

By handing the justice system over to people of color,
By repenting to Muslims,
By respecting sex workers,
By embracing transgender women as our sisters,
Transgender men as our brothers, and enby folks as our siblings.
By welcoming immigrants,
By giving America back to its owners,
By electing disabled people to be our governing leaders,
By aligning ourselves with God’s LGBT children,
By handing gun control over to people who are mentally ill, and
By working to end the violence which has numbed us to God’s orgasms.

You say, and you are right, these are not the ten commandments,
Since this list doesn’t even come close to comprehensive
Of the ways we should be changing to obey God’s law.
Although there is only one command, and it’s the one we’re always breaking,
But it’s okay, we’re redeemed, right? We’ve received our justification
By writing God’s name in the blood which we keep spilling,
By forgiving Jesus’s blood with our white inerrant privilege.
It has sinned by refusing to justify our hatred.
No one has seen God at any time.
But the person who is loving their siblings is making love with God,
Because God does not give a fuck about us.
But God loves us.


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